A few apps to help you remodel your home

Technology has come a long way, so much so that there are apps that can help you decorate your home.

Evernote is used to store notes, video clops, web addresses, etc of ideas that inspire you. They can be things that you’ve seen and took a picture of or stuff that you found online.  This app is available for iOS and Android for $5 a month for the Premium version.

Handyman Calculator  has a variety of calculators that will help you determine the quantity of materials required for a specific project. it is only available for Android either for free or 4.00 for the pro version.

Color Capture is perfect for taking a picture of a color you really like, it can be any surface or really anything with the color you like, snap the picture and the app will try to match it the best it can. Benjamin Moore offers this free app which is available for both Android and iOS.

D-Photo Measure helps you save and share things like specific room dimensions, window sizes and cabinet lengths for you to access at any time. You won’t need to write anything down anymore because it’s stored in the app. It is only available for Android and is free or 2.99 for the Pro version.

Mark on Call for iphone of ipad gives you the option to map out floor plans with real dimensions and the ability to add furniture to see what it will really look like. You can also place windows and doors too. The app costs about 4.99


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