How to really sell your home

First and foremost you have the pick the best broker for your home. It would be fair to say most people would go to the busiest brokerage in town and get passed off to the person who can handle them. This doesn’t really give you the best option to pick the best broker. Bottom line, do your homework.

Make sure you get an appraisal. The housing market has changed so much that you’re home isn’t worth what you paid for it and that could be a good thing. If you’ve made some improvements to your home you should definitely get an appraisal sine it will add value to your home.

Make sure to get the right comp and get foreclosures listed in your cops that the realtor gives you. This will help you compare your home to other homes around you and what to price it at.

Do a tax assessment because you can potentially get your property taxes down and that can make your home look a lot more appealing.

Conserve your utilities because the potential buyer is going to want to see what you spend on electricity. If the number is low not only are you savings money on your bill but you’re also keeping them interested.

Your home should have curb appeal so make sure that the front of the house looks good, including the house itself, the lawn and anything that people are going to see when they first pull up.

Hire someone who is going to stage your house. This helps because not everyone likes what you have in your home. If you haven’t moved out yet there is no need to hire one but if you have an empty house fill it!


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