Home Fixes that aren’t worth it


Home office remodel

Homeowner’s are spending around 28,000 dollars to remodel their home offices and are not getting their money back when they go to sell the home. The fact is, not everyone wants an office in their home and they don’t need something that is going to cost them extra because you decided to remodel it.

Backup power generator

Living in San Diego you do not need a backup generator. Sometimes during the hot summer months we do have power outages, but those are not something that will last for days where you needed back up electricity

Sunroom addition

Although a sunroom is good to have, if you have to add it and not just remodel it then steer clear. Adding a sunroom can cost about 75,000 dollars and you will get about 48% of the cost back when you sell your home.

Upscale master suite addition

If you want a really nice master suite addition expect to pay about 230,000 dollars. You will get a little over 50 percent back of what you spent so I can tell you now this will not be worth the upgrade.

Bathroom addition

Depending on the kinds of products you use, expect to pay between 21,000-40,000 dollars when adding a new bathroom. You aren’t going to get your money back so this is something that’s not worth spending.

Upscale garage addition

90,000 dollars is what you’ll have to shell out, so ask yourself is it worth an upscale garage if I only get back 53 percent of what I’m paying for it? No, it’s really not.

To curtail the pricing on all of these additions, try remodeling what you already have if you want new things. This will bring value to your home without breaking your wallet


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