Red Flags that will spoil a listing


Having no photos

If you don’t have any pictures of the house you’re selling, how do you expect anyone to be interested in it? Take photos of the outside of your home, inside and of course the backyard. Pictures will entice someone to be interested in the property, but make sure not to use Photoshop or photo editing software that makes let look unrealistic

Lack on transaction details

This can be something simple like not telling the potential buyer that the lender hasn’t approved the sale price of a short sale property.

Don’t use wording that is overreaching

Using a phrase like “the best home on the market” can be too much when selling a property because it’s just not true. You want to use creative wording to try to sell the property but making claims that sound ridiculous or are questionable will just backfire on you in the end.

Pricing that is too good to be true

If your realtor tells you to set the price of your home a lot lower than what it is worth do not do it. This tactic is done to try to get a lot of buyers interested and then have them go over the asking price, which can backfire if no one offers the price that you want.

Flipping a House

You don’t want to come off in your description of the property that you are flipping the house because this sometimes deters buyers. Make sure that you use very little references to newly remodeled and lots of upgrades.

As is

Using the phrase “as is” can actually hurt you when selling a home. It makes it sound like the home isn’t finished or there is something wrong with it. If a property has obvious drawbacks, you should list the improvements that have been done.


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