How to Make Money off your First House Flip

People are starting to get back into flipping houses again because the housing market is booming. Here are some steps on how to flip a house properly.

Find the right property that you can fix up and flip for a good amount of money. Take a look at the area that it is in, make sure there are no red flags especially with the foundation. Be prepared to go to auctions and short sales and bid with other people for a house.

Set the price for what you think the home will sell for once you have completed renovated it. You want to review similar houses around the neighborhood to get a ballpark on what your pricing would be.

Find the right contraction that will get the job done for you at a reasonable price and won’t go too much over budget. The perfect contractor would stay under budget but those don’t exist and things will always come up that couldn’t be seen in a walk-through of a house.


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