What are the best days, hours and months to spend money?

Do you ever wonder what the best days for savings are? What time people usually don’t shop so that you can get the best deal? Ready below to find out

Shoe: the best time to get shoes is to wait until Wednesday when buying shoes online because you can save about 40% on the right pair of shoes.

Hair Cuts: Saturday’s are usually the busiest day to get your hair done so why not schedule it on a Tuesday during the day when it typically is not as busy.

Life insurance policies should be bought as young as possible because as you get older they get more expensive.

Gym membership: The best time to get a membership is the summer time because most people have spent all year working toward their summer beach body and want to spend their time outdoors and not in a gym.

Homes: Winter is the best time to buy homes because people typically don’t want to move around the holidays or when it’s cold.

Cars: The best time to buy is at the end of the month when sellers are trying to push their inventory off the lot.

Car Wash: First thing in the morning is the best time to get a car wash because most people won’t be going that early. Also some car washes give you a discount for getting their before 9 am during the week.


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