How to really sell your home

First and foremost you have the pick the best broker for your home. It would be fair to say most people would go to the busiest brokerage in town and get passed off to the person who can handle them. This doesn’t really give you the best option to pick the best broker. Bottom line, do your homework.

Make sure you get an appraisal. The housing market has changed so much that you’re home isn’t worth what you paid for it and that could be a good thing. If you’ve made some improvements to your home you should definitely get an appraisal sine it will add value to your home.

Make sure to get the right comp and get foreclosures listed in your cops that the realtor gives you. This will help you compare your home to other homes around you and what to price it at.

Do a tax assessment because you can potentially get your property taxes down and that can make your home look a lot more appealing.

Conserve your utilities because the potential buyer is going to want to see what you spend on electricity. If the number is low not only are you savings money on your bill but you’re also keeping them interested.

Your home should have curb appeal so make sure that the front of the house looks good, including the house itself, the lawn and anything that people are going to see when they first pull up.

Hire someone who is going to stage your house. This helps because not everyone likes what you have in your home. If you haven’t moved out yet there is no need to hire one but if you have an empty house fill it!


Home Fixes that aren’t worth it


Home office remodel

Homeowner’s are spending around 28,000 dollars to remodel their home offices and are not getting their money back when they go to sell the home. The fact is, not everyone wants an office in their home and they don’t need something that is going to cost them extra because you decided to remodel it.

Backup power generator

Living in San Diego you do not need a backup generator. Sometimes during the hot summer months we do have power outages, but those are not something that will last for days where you needed back up electricity

Sunroom addition

Although a sunroom is good to have, if you have to add it and not just remodel it then steer clear. Adding a sunroom can cost about 75,000 dollars and you will get about 48% of the cost back when you sell your home.

Upscale master suite addition

If you want a really nice master suite addition expect to pay about 230,000 dollars. You will get a little over 50 percent back of what you spent so I can tell you now this will not be worth the upgrade.

Bathroom addition

Depending on the kinds of products you use, expect to pay between 21,000-40,000 dollars when adding a new bathroom. You aren’t going to get your money back so this is something that’s not worth spending.

Upscale garage addition

90,000 dollars is what you’ll have to shell out, so ask yourself is it worth an upscale garage if I only get back 53 percent of what I’m paying for it? No, it’s really not.

To curtail the pricing on all of these additions, try remodeling what you already have if you want new things. This will bring value to your home without breaking your wallet

Red Flags that will spoil a listing


Having no photos

If you don’t have any pictures of the house you’re selling, how do you expect anyone to be interested in it? Take photos of the outside of your home, inside and of course the backyard. Pictures will entice someone to be interested in the property, but make sure not to use Photoshop or photo editing software that makes let look unrealistic

Lack on transaction details

This can be something simple like not telling the potential buyer that the lender hasn’t approved the sale price of a short sale property.

Don’t use wording that is overreaching

Using a phrase like “the best home on the market” can be too much when selling a property because it’s just not true. You want to use creative wording to try to sell the property but making claims that sound ridiculous or are questionable will just backfire on you in the end.

Pricing that is too good to be true

If your realtor tells you to set the price of your home a lot lower than what it is worth do not do it. This tactic is done to try to get a lot of buyers interested and then have them go over the asking price, which can backfire if no one offers the price that you want.

Flipping a House

You don’t want to come off in your description of the property that you are flipping the house because this sometimes deters buyers. Make sure that you use very little references to newly remodeled and lots of upgrades.

As is

Using the phrase “as is” can actually hurt you when selling a home. It makes it sound like the home isn’t finished or there is something wrong with it. If a property has obvious drawbacks, you should list the improvements that have been done.

How to be an Attractive Home Buyer

Nowadays homes are receiving multiple offers from potential home buyers because inventory and interest rates are so low. Some homes will even get above asking price so be prepared to send in multiple offers when looking foe a home. Follow these tips to help you be the best looking home buyer.

Plan at least 4 months ahead of time before you plan to buy. Make sure your credit is up to par and that there is nothing on there that shouldn’t be and whatever you do, do not make any big purchases on credit or run up a credit card before you plan to buy a house. If the debt-to-income ratio is too high then you should pay down as much debt as you can before you take out a mortgage.

Set the price range you want to stay within. If you can only afford a $400,000 home, don’t look at homes that are $450,000. Since there is a less supply of homes, especially here in San Diego, you will not be able to compete with other buyers who are willing to pay full price.

The more cash you have, the higher your chances are of getting the home you want. Having 20% or more to put down on a home is ideal and it makes you look more financially secure and appealing.

Get pre approved before you decide on the home. This way when you do put in an offer you have a pre approval letter backing up what you’re offering.

Don’t have a bunch of contingencies, standard one’s are usually ability to get a mortgage, the appraisal and the home inspection. if you pile on more stuff then expect the seller to be less interested.

Last but not least, add a personal touch. Send the seller a letter explaining why you want to buy the house. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to the seller, as long as you aren’t too pushy.

How to Make Money off your First House Flip

People are starting to get back into flipping houses again because the housing market is booming. Here are some steps on how to flip a house properly.

Find the right property that you can fix up and flip for a good amount of money. Take a look at the area that it is in, make sure there are no red flags especially with the foundation. Be prepared to go to auctions and short sales and bid with other people for a house.

Set the price for what you think the home will sell for once you have completed renovated it. You want to review similar houses around the neighborhood to get a ballpark on what your pricing would be.

Find the right contraction that will get the job done for you at a reasonable price and won’t go too much over budget. The perfect contractor would stay under budget but those don’t exist and things will always come up that couldn’t be seen in a walk-through of a house.

What are the best days, hours and months to spend money?

Do you ever wonder what the best days for savings are? What time people usually don’t shop so that you can get the best deal? Ready below to find out

Shoe: the best time to get shoes is to wait until Wednesday when buying shoes online because you can save about 40% on the right pair of shoes.

Hair Cuts: Saturday’s are usually the busiest day to get your hair done so why not schedule it on a Tuesday during the day when it typically is not as busy.

Life insurance policies should be bought as young as possible because as you get older they get more expensive.

Gym membership: The best time to get a membership is the summer time because most people have spent all year working toward their summer beach body and want to spend their time outdoors and not in a gym.

Homes: Winter is the best time to buy homes because people typically don’t want to move around the holidays or when it’s cold.

Cars: The best time to buy is at the end of the month when sellers are trying to push their inventory off the lot.

Car Wash: First thing in the morning is the best time to get a car wash because most people won’t be going that early. Also some car washes give you a discount for getting their before 9 am during the week.