Closing Tips

Brendon Desimone, a Zillow blogger, gives up important information on what to do before and after closing.

Plan any work or maintenance on your new home well in advanced. That means as you’re walking through the house deciding if you like it, you should be taking mental notes and eventually jotting them down on paper of changes you need to make. You should have a painter and general contractor already lined up for when you move in to make any changes you see fit. New home owners should also have flooring and painting done before they move in so that there will be no hassle of having to move furniture again.

Have the utilities already set up because you may not have a grace period of having electricity. No one wants to move into a house and start decorating via candle light.

As soon as you get the keys immediately change the locks. No one is saying not to trust the seller, but you should automatically assume that over the time the previous owner owned the home, another set or two of keys were probably made. Not only that but during the selling process several different people were given copies of the keys to help fix up the house or show it, and you wouldn’t want them ending up in the wrong hands.

Hire a cleaning crew just in case. You never know if the seller cleaned the place before you moved in. When I moved into my home, the house had dog hair everywhere and the pool was green. If it weren’t for the cleaning crew I had already hired to start cleaning right before we came, it would have been a painstaking process to clean while moving everything in.

Handyman, small contractor or designer should be on call for you. Sometimes things happen during a move in process that we cannot predict and we need an expert to come in. Problem is, if you don’t have someone on-call or lined up, it could be days or weeks until you can get someone in to fix a problem.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking ahead and being prepared. The more prepared you are, the more control you have over any moving situation that could possibly go wrong.


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